Our ethos 

We love the idea of neighbours fuelling their own neighbourhood and thereby helping it to thrive, protecting what is unique about it and living more sustainably.

We call our way of shopping ‘responsible and mindful convenience.’ Shopping with us couldn’t be more convenient but at the same time, you’ll be making a positive impact on local communities, the environment and ultimately, you. Not to mention enjoying some of the finest food and drink in your neighbourhood! 

Our commitment to being Neighbourhood Kind

We’re a small start-up with big goals. These are the areas we’re focusing on right now but we’re continuously striving to do better:

Minimising our impact on the planet

We are committed to preserving and enhancing the world we live in and are continually trying to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do. We have implemented a number of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, by sourcing locally, eating seasonal, reducing delivery days, optimising delivery routes, using shared vehicles or e-cargo bikes, reducing plastic in food packaging, re-using boxes, and our main focus - creating zero food waste. 

We know we’re not perfect and we continue to work with our partner shops and suppliers to minimise our impact across the supply chain. In the not too distant future, we’ll be offsetting our carbon footprint to become carbon neutral.

Combatting food waste

One of the benefits of using our subscription scheme is that only the right amount of food is sourced for the number of deliveries required. It hasn't been sitting around for days in big warehouse either, we'll get hold of it directly from your local shops on the morning of your delivery day. The fresher the food, the less chance it will be wasted. It tastes better too!

We’ve also built a clever system for customers to get what they need only - we call it 'Shape Your Selection' - a live stock system that you can access the day before your delivery. Inevitably, there is still a small amount of surplus food, so we divert any leftovers to be cooked up into hot meals by a local community kitchen. 

Supporting neighbours in need

We drop items to local food banks and other organisations that are so reliant on donations. One of the ways that we support this is by collecting cupboard items from our customers and including these in our donations, and everyone is so grateful for the variety of items that this produces.

So next time you place your order, at the same time why don’t you clear out a few items that have been sitting in your cupboards and leave them out for us to collect on your delivery day. Hopefully this can both clear some space for you and provide a new and varied source of food to those who need it.  

We love local

We are proud to support passionate local makers and sellers. We have visited many, tried their exceptional produce and developed trusted relationships built on a shared passion for the very best quality food and drink. We want more people to discover what we have and to make it simple and easy for you to support your local independents, but we know it’s not always convenient to zig-zag between lots of individual shops to get everything you need. That's why we exist! Spotted a great local gem that isn’t one of our partner shops yet? We want to hear from you:

We minimise packaging

Big supermarkets are responsible for producing more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year. 

Wherever possible we avoid plastic wrapped food or use a compostable alternative. Neighbourhood Pantry is not entirely plastic-free, but we will never add any plastic to an order ourselves and we’re looking at ways we can work together with our partner shops to cut down on plastic, and soon enough, become entirely plastic free.

Your shopping will either be delivered in recycled cardboard boxes or repurposed apple crates, which we collect back off you the following week. 

We're working hard to do better every day. We'd love to get ideas and innovations at