Borough Broth Co Grass-Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth


This beef broth is made using grass-fed organic British beef bones and slow-cooked for 24-hours. Made up of 40% bones, this is a deep and rich broth with an umami hit.

Whether sipped from a mug, slurped from a bowl of noodles or splashed into your favourite recipes as a stock, you’ll be amazed how much a proper traditional broth can add flavour to your home-cooked meals. This is slow food, fast.

Borough Broth Company was created in 2015 by founding broth lady, Ros. Upon discovering the benefits of bringing bone broth into her lifestyle, she set out to buy a tasty pre-made broth so there wasn’t always the need to have bones boiling away in the kitchen. After finding that quality, small-batch bone broths made with delicious, organic ingredients (but without additives and preservatives) simply didn’t exist, Ros set out to make her own.

Quantity: 324g