Paolo Petrilli Organic Passata


The super-sweet organic peeled tomatoes used to make this luxurious passata are said to be the finest in the world. Organically grown in Puglia, Paolo Petrilli tomatoes are the choice of top chefs around the world and served in Italy's finest restaurants.

The crop comes from a limited production of five hectares of tomatoes a year to ensure the best possible product. The tomatoes are hand-picked, simply placed in boiling water for a few seconds, hand peeled and then strained in stainless steel strainers to remove all the liquid. The passata is then preserved without any preservatives or colourants in a simple glass jar with just a leaf or two of fresh basil.

Full of the flavour of southern Italian sunshine, incredibly dense and sweet, this passata makes an extra special pasta sauce or an indulgent topping for pizza.

Quantity: 1kg