Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb


Quantity: Approx. 500g

A few words from Nature's Delight co-founder, Adam:

Part of the Pantheon of great British produce, Yorkshire Rhubarb is as delicious as it is fleeting; with the season usually lasting no more than 2 months. 

Growing from a nine square mile area of West Yorkshire known as The Rhubarb Triangle (the three corners of the triangle roughly equate to Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield), Rhubarb is grown in a process known as ‘Forcing’ that is equal parts special and terrifying. Grown outside for two years to encourage initial growth (and the storage of crucial energy for later), the young root is brought inside to ‘forcing’ sheds and left to grow in the dark. The atmosphere inside the shed is manipulated to simulate Spring conditions, signalling to the young root that it’s time to grow; this leads to tall, strong stems and small leaves. At this point the fruit is harvested by hand in the dark by candlelight, as if you were summoning some sort of delicious fruit demon.

It is exactly this sort of dedication to the craft that has led to Rhubarb being synonymous with the UK, and means we get a delicious and versatile product at a time of the year that is typically sparse for produce.

Did you Know?

Rhubarb is actually native to Siberia but just so happens to thrive in the Yorkshire climate (tells you everything you need to know about UK weather).