Selladore en Provence Rosé 2020, William Chase


The wine has an enticing nose, which exudes stone fruit and citrus fruit aromas. An enveloping silky texture on the palate is balanced with refreshing acidity and bone-dry flavours of peaches and grapefruits. The long lingering finish means the wine is perfectly matched with a warm goat’s cheese salad, grilled seafood or savoured on its own.

Production: The grapes are harvested in the early hours of the morning to preserve freshness and acidity. Gentle pressing subsequently takes place upon arrival at the winery. A minimal period of skin contact imparts an enticing pale shade of pink to the wine. Fermentation and ageing takes place in stainless steel tanks with a portion of the blend left on the lees to enhance the richness and texture of the wine. Final blending takes place 4 weeks before bottling which is carried out on site at the domaine.